The Basics

Questions About The Paragon Levels

1. What Are The Paragon Levels? This is one of the newest tweaks to the game. These levels were created due to player frustration once level 60 was reached. Many players commented that making progress after this point was often not possible and that

the droop rate was insufficient for the repair costs required. These levels resolve these issues by ensuring that higher level players still enjoy the gaming experience and make continued progress.

video game, paragon level one2. How Do They Work? Once level 60 is reached in the game then the experience that you accumulate is put towards your paragon level. The levels number from 1-100, and each time you gain a level you get an increase in certain core stats. Each level increase also increase the percentage of magic find and gold find that you have.

3. Why Were They Created With Diablo 3 Updates? These levels were created because many players became disappointed in the game after reaching level 60. Players complained that once this level is reached it was hard to make any progress and the character seemed to hit a plateau. An hour of game play at this level often resulted in no progress but a large loss of gold to repair equipment, and some gamers would actually see a loss of progress after playing for an extended period.

4. What Happens To Magic Find In These Levels? Each time you level up both your magic find and your gold find will go up by 3%. The maximum stats for these two areas is 300%, which is reached when you are paragon level 100. The game developers are hoping to eventually move Diablo away from having magic attached to specific items and the paragon level system is just the first step in this process.

5. What Is The Feedback From Players? Many players are relieved that the new levels have been created. Diablo 3 was the subject of significant media hype and intense consumer anticipation. Before these levels, many players were disappointed on reaching level 60, and some even stopped playing the game completely due to the lack of progress possible after reaching level 60. The newest levels take care of these issues.